Brexit has arrived..

Brexit has been an ominous and ambiguous cloud on the horizon of the Irish economy since it’s inception back in 2016. Ambiguous because of the uncertainty about the trickle down effects it could have on various Irish institutions and industries.

In terms of Allglass®, the impact of Brexit was evident from the 1st of January this year and quick adaptations have had to be made. To explain in greater detail, we spoke to our Supply Chain Manager, Paul Agnew.

“As everyone is well aware at this stage, Brexit came into effect in the first week of January and brought with it a set of unknowns to start off the New Year. In order to maintain our guaranteed daily deliveries from the UK we had to make some adaptations. There were some initial hiccups due to the customs systems crashing over the first few days and also glitches with paperwork not having the correct costings or relevant information on it. Thankfully however it has been relatively smooth sailing since then, owing in no small part to the efficiency of the processes we already had in place before Brexit took effect.”

“We have rigorously reviewed our stock profile and manage our stock levels to safeguard against any stock short falls …especially for emergency jobs. Our main focus is to have as little impact as possible on the agent services levels and of course the end user.”