Agent Focus: Allglass® Cork

1. Tell me a bit about your background.
I started out on my own in 1996 after spending a number of years training to be a mechanic. I saw a need for a Fastfit type business outside of Cork city concentrating on windscreen and car glass repair and replacement.

2. How many staff do you employ?
We currently employ 9 people.

3. What do you enjoy most about the job?
Meeting new people and having the chat and the satisfaction of getting their windscreen and car glass replaced for them on time.

4. How did becoming an authorized agent of Allglass® change things for you and your team?
Being  an Allglass® agent has been very successful for us, in the last two years in particular, we have seen a doubling in business. Becoming an agent was the right move for us as I believe the day of being an independent glass replacement company is becoming a thing of the past. We are also looking forward to the benefits that will come with integrating the new Allglass back office and administration systems.

5. How have the challenges of the past year impacted you and your team?
Covid-19 has been a huge challenge over the last year or so, it is important to keep monitoring daily practices as it is and will continue to be a new world for a long while yet. Unfortunately we have lost relatives and friends over the last year so it is important to wear PPE equipment and  sanitize as much as we possibly can for the safety of the public and our staff going forward.

6. What changes do you see on the horizon for the VGRRR industry?
Vehicle Technology has changed significantly over the last 20 years where a rain sensor was rarely on windscreens to now where ADAS (advance driver assist systems), in some form or other are common on windscreens. Our business has also had to adapt with these changes in technology and we will be integrating a fully Digital ADAS calibration system in the coming months. This is an exciting change, as this system is only available to Allglass® and it’s agents.

I also see battery power and solar technology in vehicles i.e. in roof glass and windscreens for charging etc. Once the Apples and Googles partner up with car manufactures who themselves are trying to get kms distance between charging, there will be huge changes on the horizon .